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Divorce Mediation in the San Francisco Bay Area

Many divorce attorneys in the San Francisco Bay Area would agree that individuals who prefer to end a marriage on mutually agreeable terms tend to favor divorce mediation. Mediation is an increasingly popular alternative to the complex court battles more characteristic of traditional divorce proceedings.

By its nature, divorce can be unnecessarily cumbersome and ineffective because traditional divorce proceedings assume contentiousness – a battle that needs to be won. An overburdened family court is then forced to make important decisions based on short, often pointed and sometimes hyperbolic arguments made by attorneys on behalf of their clients. If child custody and support are part of the discussion, the legal and financial wrangling that ensue rarely foster a supportive atmosphere in the months and years to come. This is a poor image to provide to children who often mirror their parent’s behavior.

The Mediation Alternative

Alternatively, a divorce mediator acts as a neutral third-party to couples willing to pursue a less combative approach to their marriage dissolution. The mediator helps couples deal with all divorce matters in a way that identifies the most amicable terms. As such, the mediator is able to guide the couple through division of property and debt, child care, custody and visitation matters, and all other terms that can enable the individuals to continue some degree of interaction in the future without rancor.

Family law, probate and business dispute mediation by experienced attorney

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